Website and CRM

Asie Online

The first phase of the project was to redesign the travel agency's website. This part was more focused on graphics and photography, the whole thing was to make users want to travel and trust Asia Online. After a second audit phase we had to create a complete CRM for the travel agency, from customer management to activity planning. A very complete project that made me discover new ways of working with Sketch and symbols.

#1. The Website

As part of my Bachelor's degree we had to redesign the website of a travel agency, Asia Online. This French agency offers travel packages to visit several Asian countries. However, it has a site with a lot of poorly organized content, which makes the user experience bad.

I started with an audit phase where I listed all the defects present in the navigation. Then I did a lookout for other competing sites to see what made them different from Then I had everything I needed to start wireframes, which were first paper and then improved under Sketch.

For the IU I have chosen a graphic charter very focused on photography and Asian landscapes which for me must be very present on a travel site. The photo gives the user confidence and makes him want to travel. For the typographies I chose a Source Sans for the texts and a Playfair Display, which conveys the idea of authenticity, for the titles.

#2. The CRM

To complete this project, we were asked to create the complete CRM for this travel agency in accordance with what the site offers. I started with a lookout for what the CRM tool is to know all its aspects and I learned its great importance within companies in customer management.

I was very interested in this second part of the Asia Online project because it is based a lot on UX and questions about customer loyalty. So I started lists of things the agency needed to know about these clients, then I went to look for details to facilitate travel planning. And finally, offer personalized attention to customers, by asking them for their date of birth for example, to wish them their birthday and thus make them want to travel to celebrate it.

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