Beer website redesign

La Rombière

#1. Discovery and audit phase

Amateur brewers and beer lovers for several years, Séverine and Jérémy Morano decided to create their own brewery at the beginning of 2010 "La Rombière". From brewing to bottling, all the manufacturing stages take place in Beaupréau in France, where they live. In order to reach a wider clientele and to convey the unique side of their beers, it was necessary to adapt their website.

I carried out this project with 2 other student designers, we started with an audit phase by identifying the problems of the existing website The vertical menu and sidebar lock up a lot of the content, which makes navigation unpleasant. The cartoon and illustrative side of the logo is not sufficiently reproduced on the whole site, which is a pity, since it brings a unique character to the brand.

To conclude this beginning of the project we established the navigation of the site and realized all the wireframes.

#2. Meeting with the creators at the brewery

Then we went to the brewery to meet the creators and their daily lives. We stayed one afternoon with them to see how the brewing is and also the place where the beer is sold. We tasted all the beers to be able to redefine their characteristics precisely.

We also created scenarios to take pictures, to make our wireframes more alive.

#3. Final interfaces

By adding illustrations of pipes and using the colours of beer labels, we were able to create a website featuring them that best reflects the regional beer side. The aspects of authenticity and traditional beer are also conveyed by the photograph, which reassures the user. This project allowed me to leave websites very focused on flat design, to explore illustration and authenticity

UI Kit / Moodboard

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