Turpeau Rénovation

#1. The creation phase

Turpeau has been an expert in the renovation of historic buildings and monuments in the Loire Atlantique region of France since 1923. As part of a complete redesign of their website and graphic identity, I had the mission to create their new logo. This one had to convey their values which were authenticity, family spirit and know-how by mentioning the date of the company's creation in "1923".

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I started with an architectural watch of the buildings they were renovating so that I could focus on illustration. With Illustrator, based on old building plans from the region, I was able to create vector illustrations to integrate them with text and graphics.

Then I turned to typography by playing with the full name "Turpeau Rénovation". The "T" and the "R" are two letters with strong identities, the "T" is straight, it represents stability and straightness, then the "R" brings a more sober graphic side with pretty curves.

#2. The final proposals

I have put forward various proposals that are quite varied, so that we can tighten our choices. We were able to move towards a typographical proposal, we reworked the baseline together to achieve the result that Florent Turpeau, the new brand manager, wanted.

This project was very enriching for me since it was a work done alone during my internship in an agency, at Génération Internet in Nantes, under professional conditions. From the first sketches to the customer's return, I had to adapt to the different requirements without ever losing sight of the values that were to be conveyed through this logo.

#3. Where do we find him?

Their new website is still being created, but this new logo will obviously be present. It will also be on paper communication media and the brand's headquarters in Saint-Herblain, France. It is expected to be present on construction site equipment and new vehicles in the near future.

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