Public transport app


#1. The Project

This project was carried out in collaboration with the company JUL, owner of the Zenbus service. We carried out this project using the Agile Scrum method by working weekly with the Zenbus team. Zenbus is a simple solution for locating public transport in real time. On a daily basis, they help communities, operators, and travelers with quality data to transform mobility.

Our goal, in groups of 4 students, was to improve the existing navigation of the Zenbus mobile application by creating new features, for example. As this project is confidential, I cannot reveal all the thoughts and interfaces that we have designed during this collaboration.

Indeed, since its inception, Zenbus has decided to focus the user experience on the map since it highlights one of the main differentiations of the application (the precise visualization of the vehicle). How can this specificity best be integrated into the user experience and offer ergonomic alternatives adapted to the context?

#2. The Scrum Agile Method

This project made me discover a new way of working, which helped the group and our thoughts move forward in the right direction. It allowed us to have new functionalities finalized and prototyped at each appointment. We were able to exchange clearly with the professionals, which allowed us to have complete and constructive feedback.

#3. What about know?

Even I can't reveal the progress of the project it is possible for me to present 2 features that we developed with the Zenbus team and that are present in the new version of February.

A reduction in loading time since, thanks to geolocation, you can only select networks near you. In the old version, the loading time was much too long since all the networks in the country were loaded.

The arrival of a 3-level menu at the bottom of the map, which allows access to better hierarchical content. Lines and stops are displayed in linear ways and can be located on the map. The user points to the information of interest and accesses it without getting lost in the accumulation of content.

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