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Hello there, my name is Mathis.

I’m a product designer from Caen, France. Currently, I’m working in healthcare at Doctolib in Paris, France. I was previously at onepoint (Paris, France) and at PSA Groupe (Shanghai, China). Discover on this page, what drives me on a daily basis.

A little more about me

I spend most of my time thinking about how technology can help us understand ourselves and others better. Besides being a vocation, for me, design is a means of expressing myself sharply, of questioning the world around me and a fantastic lever for designing a better future.

I'm also a type nerd, currently in love with Casta, Hagrid, Silka, Modernist, Radio Grotesk and Mattone.

Readings and writings


I am always trying to broaden my repertoire of skills and knowledge. Currently, following the reading of the book The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, I'm writing an essay that questions the possible transposition of these self-improvement agreements in design.

In fact, this book takes up the principles of cognitive therapy and demonstrates how lack of distance or over-generalization are traps, I believe that certain teachings can be applied to design, to create better and fairer experiences.

Find more content on my Medium profile.

Outside office hours

Outside office hours you will probably find me cheering on Manchester United or at a contemporary art exhibition, thinking about my reconversion after retirement. I am also passionate about history and documentaries which I can watch until 2 in the morning. Also it's not uncommon for me to listen podcasts or share my opinion on music.

📍"Perpetual Present" by Daniel Arsham - How Art Museum, Shanghai
📍"Automatic Revolution" at Hab Gallerie - Nantes, France


I've had the chance to travel thanks to design with a recent 6 month stay in China. Accompanied by design student friends, it was an opportunity to discover different cultures and landscapes and to spend a month's holiday in Vietnam during the Asian New Year.

📍Shanghai Modern Art Museum - Shanghai, China
📍Food market - Phú Quôc, Vietnam
📍Meijiawu Tea Village - Hangzhou, China

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