Daily UI

Daily UI is a series of daily design challenges, design inspiration and neat surprise rewards from dailyui.co. The aim is to increase your ability to produce interfaces on given themes for 100 days. Here are some of my creations, the rest is available on my Dribbble profile.

  • 🕒 Duration : 1 design = 1 day
    🤹 Skills : User Interface
    🔧 Tools : Sketch - Principle
    🤝 Team : Solo project

Bank app

Concept of an application in neuomorphism, a variant of skeomorphism which tends to give more thickness to designs, which are always flatter.


Game app

MPG is a french football game on a mobile phone which has a very bad ux and ui in my opinion. I wanted to bring my vision of the application.



A leaderboard from a sporting point of view, with a ranking of French league football teams and a ranking of Manchester United scorers.



A very minimalist clock on iphone and apple watch.


E-mail invoice

An E-mail invoice for a purchase made on the video game Fortnite.


Shop app

A version of a sneaker shop app with the characteristics of the shoes and a page in the colour of the pair.



A very minimalist version of a phone music player.


Film or Series

I chose to redesign the application of a Black Mirror episode in which people have to record their social interactions with each other.


In a nutshell

I think that this challenge allowed me to create a lot and to improve my sketching skills. The flaw I can give it is that the ux is very often neglected in favour of a beautiful ui. The dribbble platform is full of publications of this kind.

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