• September - November 2018
  • 📍 Nantes, France
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Why Oreades?

Oreades is a web agency based in Nantes, France. With 20 years of experience, they have been able to adapt to technological evolutions while staying in touch with users. I therefore had the opportunity to work with a multidisciplinary team, which allowed me to extend my range of skills for my first professional internship in a company.

My role

I worked on a variety of projects combining different areas of expertise. Web site and business application projects that allowed me to increase my user interface skills, while respecting a set of specifications and working in collaboration with the agency's developers.

Working on an VR project, for a boat tour, allowed me to discover new fields of design applications and to work on new interactions between design and user in immersion. Things must be done just by the gestures of our hands, so the experience must be intuitive and effective. Otherwise, they will frustrate the user and result in a loss of immersion.


We used the agile method to work on the projects. This approach was beneficial for me as it is based on great reactivity and flexibility throughout the development process and promote listening and collaboration.

— Kevin Guillois, Product Designer and internship mentor @ Oreades - via Linkedin


This experience was rich in learning and discovery. I was able to work on different projects with an agile method facilitating collaboration. I was able to attend demonstrations of the products I had worked on in front of the users. It was very pleasant to see these projects come to life and to get feedback from the users.

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